Debut Album "Angels And Dust"  

Release on 10th of February 2017!

Featuring: Scott Henderson

Dirk Sengotta: Drums

Mike Holland: Bass

Dan Hunter: Guitars and Vocals


"Excuse us while we kiss the sky!"

Dan Hunter Bio

  • Dan Hunter fell in love with guitar playing at the age of 11.

  • After the first years of learning chords and blues-riffs he became a member of different blues-rock bands in Germany.

  • He learned to love the music of 80s rock virtuosos like Van Halen and Steve Vai and got excited listening to Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. Finally he got totally addicted to bluesbased riffs and licks by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and BB King.

  • Wanting to improve his skills on guitar he started to study jazz and pop music in the Netherlands for 4 years.

  • There he became deeply aquainted with the style of Wes Montgomery and other jazz/ bebop players.

  • He tried to make a living with occasional jobs and played in different cover-rock bands for a few years until he got an engagement in a Big-Band/ Function-Band.

  • Travelling all over Europe for many years and covering all music styles he established himself as a professional guitarist.

  • At that time he got to know Mike Holland (bass) and Dirk Sengotta (drums) who also loved playing bluesrock and powertrio-based rock music.

  • Recognizing the potential of these fine players and the magic they were able to create in a trio he came up with the idea of building the „Dan Hunter Trio“. A dream he had since he first heard the early Cream and Hendrix recordings!

  • Inspired by all these influences he started writing songs for the album and together they recorded „Angels And Dust“ in 2016.

  • Dan was lucky to win over Jens Dreesen as engineer and co-producer.

  • To remain musically independent Dan decided to publish the album by himself. It will be available on iTunes and amazon germany.

  • The album features Scott Henderson (Tribal Tech) on guitar, Kemi Cee on vocals and papatee on organ. 

Album Cover of Dan Hunter "Angels And Dust"

Album Cover of Dan Hunter "Angels And Dust"

Dan Hunter "Overload" official video out now!

Dan Hunter "Overload" official video out now!

Dan Hunter "Self Seeker" official video out now  !  

Dan Hunter "Self Seeker" official video out now!  

Dan Hunter Trio: Dirk, Dan, Mike

Dan Hunter Trio: Dirk, Dan, Mike